Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I passed. Huzzah

The last weekend was what I saw as my first big test. As of the Friday I had been straight edge for 120 days. Day 121 had been scaring me.

'twas our first big 'girls weekend' of the year to celebrate Besties 30th birthday. 8 of us took a lovely trip to Wales celebrate the best way we know how, looking all fab and dancing like idiots. I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with it. I have been around drunk people many times since I have stopped drinking but I have always been able to get in my car and go home. So the nerves set in about being trapped with drunk people.

All the pretty ladies - and me
Looking back now I can honestly say I had nothing to be nervous about. I had such an awesome time. I drank shots and cocktails with the ladies (admittedly shots of squash and fruit juice cocktails) and laughed so hard my face hurt. And not at one time did their drinking bother me, nor did they, being the super friends they are, make any issue of my not drinking.

I know not drinking is alien to a lot of people. I get questioned about it a lot. Like by the waiter in the tapas restaurant we went to having to point out in a loud an obnoxious way that there was no alcohol in my choice of drink. I'm glad we didn't pay their shitty 10% service charge.

Although I had very little time to think this weekend I did get a rare moment whilst sitting on the train home listening to the aptly named We Are The In Crowd. One thing that has been popping in my head recently is some "advice" I was given when I was 18. It seems so relevant to me at the moment.

***you'll make a lot of friends in this life, you'll also lose a lot of friends, don't worry about it***

If we look back a few years or even a few months the dynamics of our friendships will have changed drastically. It's not like we are any more or any less friendly towards people it's more like we just aren't meant to be anymore.

Life will take you to different places and you should let it. Don't pine for them friendships that may get left behind. They are no less important, but they may be less necessary. Don't let that get you angry and bitter and don't make it in to a passive aggressive faceyb status. Just recognise that life goes on and them important bonds are with someone different now.

That is unless you have the same size feet as me and then we have a need to be friends. My shoe budget is vastly diminished. Borrowing is the way forward.

Love, kisses and midget strippers-oh my!
Log - our Welsh friend 

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