Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tattoo plans - comments more than welcome

I believe faceyb to be the hopeless place that Rihanna and her beau fell in love in.
It is a desolate wasteland of sorrow, spite and conceit.
It's a terrible place where meaning is lost and arguments escalate.

So lets talk about something more cheery. Tattoos.
I have plans. Firstly Friday the 13th is coming up soon. I have a lovely 13 booked in with Scott Owens again. Scott is such a lovely tattooerist and a great friend to whine at. He also whines back which takes away some of the guilt associated with being whiny. I am also getting some more work done by him on the bottom of my right arm.
My left arm is going to be started soon by Leah Moule. Her work is beyond amazing. I love it. It is going to be done as one brightly coloured piece and I cannot wait.
I have a pin up girl planned for my right thigh. This was more Abis idea than mine but she pitched it to me so well I couldn't say no. I don't really have an artist in mind for this yet so if you have any suggestions do let me know. I haven't decided what style either, probably comic-booky but I am open to ideas.
My left leg of bent things needs more work so if you have any idiotic ideas of things that you would like to see let me know. I suggested someone get rainbow brite or a tamarin playing the fiddle the other day. Now I thinking they are not bad ideas and maybe I want them for myself. I still want a t-rex wearing a top hat. I think I might ask Sam Ricketts to do this for me as I am sure he has done a dinosaur that I liked before.
Another artist that I would like to get a piece from is Amy Savage. She is such an amazing talent. Also, I saw a little lighthouse that Andy Tragic did and fell in love with it. I really want one so I am going to give him a shout soon.
I want to get some more work from Shaun Bonanas. Not decided what yet but probably something nautical. Maybe the ships wheel and resurgent banner that will be for papa Telling.
Last but by no means least I really want to get a chess piece, a Bishop to be exact. I want this to look really realistic so again I am open for suggestions and not adverse to travelling around to see an awesome artist.
So as you see I have a lot of saving to do.
Lots more love and less careless whispers people.

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