Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear person I hate

The purpose of this blog is becoming less clear with time. It started as an outlet for the ickyness of depression. It has become since then a random mess of all my thoughts. I don't suppose that is a bad thing but maybe I should have more direction in my writings. Or maybe not. Maybe you lot like hearing about my ever failing love life. 

Well on the love life front there is nothing to report since happy place. I do miss him desperately sometimes. I will not try to win him back, I do not want him back. But I miss that person I laughed with all those months. Still, life goes on and I have chosen to ignore all the negativity that I feel gets unfairly filtered in my direction. 

I don't tend to do those internet challenges you see pop up. 100 days of happy. Monthly photo challenge. Etc. This one interested me though. The 15 day letter challenge. I'm not going to do them all, some would be wrong to be published on the internet. I do have some boundaries you know. But I will have a go at some.

So the first is Dear person I hate.

I don't hate anyone. It's too much effort to hate anyone. There are a lot of people who I dislike. But my feelings for them are so inconsequential that time spent thinking about them is time wasted. Time I could be spending right now reading World War Z and then getting overly paranoid about Ebola. 

So maybe this first one should not be Dear person I hate, maybe it should be dear person that I no longer need. From friends whose lifes took a different turn and drifted away, to the people that hurt you that you no longer need. For reasons that probably neither of us remember we don't talk any more. We don't spend all that time together anymore. But I don't see it as a bad thing. It is a shame that things can't be like the used to. That is what happens though. People change, ideals change, lives change. 

One thing you can't escape are those memories that catch you off guard. Those little things in life that remind you of happy times and sad times also remind you of the people that made you happy and for whatever reason are no longer in it. 

The song that you all sang before every night out in the far away city.
The smell of the aftershave he uses drifting across from a stranger on a adjacent pub table. 
The silly sayings you made up on that holiday in the sun. 

All these things can make you nostalgic. But your life is not in that place anymore.

Enough with the looking back now. I don't think I need to look forward either though. I just need to be right here. Doing the things I want to do right now. Being happy with all I have and the people that turn up in my life and make me laugh till I cry but never want to make me cry. 

This isn't the way I thought this post would turn out. But I guess this isn't the way I thought my day, week, month or year would turn out.