Thursday, November 29, 2012

tattooed science ladies

I just changed my life.

I am a geek. I don't deny it. I love watching documentaries and reading about all kinds of geeky things.

At work today I was minding my own business reading about the galaxy NGC 1277 which is just a quarter the size of our own Milky Way, hosts a black hole 4,000 times larger than the one at the Milky Way's centre. The lovely lady sat next to me said "You are always tweeting about stuff like that why don't you just do a degree in it?" So I am.

I enrolled today and hopefully start in February starting with a certificate in astronomy and planetary science.
I have no idea what I will do with this in a practical nature but I just love learning.

Strangely enough today I have found lots more tattooed science ladies. An academic research scientist in molecular biology, someone studying for a biology degree and a physicist.

I think we should all unite and take over the world. Sexy tattooed science ladies.

Monday, November 26, 2012


A moment in life

public displays of affection


The public display of affection (PDA), is it ok?

This last weekend my friends and I bore witness to a PDA. Well I say a PDA. The whole evening was an elaborate ruse. We were just to pawns in a game of "I am gonna bone this girl". This PDA was more scent marking the area. He might as well had pissed on her right there at the bar.

The married among us were shocked that people act like this beyond the age of 15. The single among us were scared that this is now how we need to act to find a significant other. All of us were feeling a little bit queasy at the sight.

Beyond hand holding (whilst walking only) and the occasionally peck on the lips / cheek when sharing a bit of an 'in' joke, PDAs are not ok.

I do not need to see you and your most recent catch, or even your long term lover, basically dry humping. Especially so when we are only out and not out-out.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A day in the life

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be me? Well here is a day in the life of kirsty.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The hottest girl in the world

Today I had the privilege to meet with the hottest girl in the world right now.

I start off by asking her the question on everyone's lips, how does it feel to be the hottest girl in the world right now?
Hot Girl: Well It's a complex mix of emotions. Firstly I feel bad for all the girls that are not the hottest girl in the world right now. But, like the highlander, there can be only one. I also feel super happy as I am the hottest girl in the world right now. Who wouldn't want that accolade?

Dougal: So I imagine as the hottest girl in the world right now you get a lot of attention from admirers?
HG: Yes well the chaps do want a piece of this hot, hot ass. Some of them get a bit creepy and send me their hair or toenails but I just put that all in a box ready for when I have perfected my human cloning machine.

D: How does your boyfriend, Chad, deal with all the attention?
HG: Well naturally he wants to keep me all to his self so he keeps me locked in a cupboard as much as possible. I feel like Harry Potter, only hotter. He feeds me scraps of turkey and bacon and has given me a rubix cube and a gameboy with tetris on to keep me occupied.

D: So, what next for the hottest girl in the world right now?
HG: Next I plan on being the most beautiful girl in the world. I have always had a thing for the artist formally known as Prince.

I want to thanks the Hottest girl in the world right now for the time to interview her and JLS for bringing her to our attention.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Girls like you

Weird things stick in my head when people say them to me.

I went out to a trendy bar in Swindon this past saturday. Lets call it blongs, no that is too obvious lets call it Schlongs.

I haven't been in schlongs in years. It wasn't that bad actually. Not too many trendy cunts in grey sweatshirts with pictures of big boobed girls on the front. Not too busy like that other bar in the same area, lets call it Caker Street.

A strange thing happened in Schlongs and there were others round to bear witness. Someone took it upon themselves to touch my back and then pull down the back of my dress to look at my back piece. Strange. Why do people feel it is ok to touch me? I had to point out I am not pregnant. Pregnant women get touched a lot.

A nice bloke also came over to me. I think he was called Shane. He was asking about my tattoos. I was overly excited that I had work from Shaun Bonanos. He was a bit of a fan boy. He told me about his tattoos and how he was 40% covered.

He came out with a weird comment. He said to me "you're not from Swindon are you?" Well I am, born and bred. Apparently you don't get girls like me round here. He told me he was from Bristol and it was nice to meet a like minded person in these parts.

I don't know why this has stuck with me. But it has been in my head since he said it. There must be people like me out there.

Are you like me? Are you a hopeless romantic? Are you a tattooed lady in the west country? Do you feel a little lost in the world as you haven't found your place?

I have found a lot of like minded people in the world. but I have found them through twitter and they are all over the place. I think I will have to get them all together for a little party.

What do you say guys?