Monday, May 7, 2012

The spirit of the staircase

Esprit de l’escalier is a French phrase that literally translates as “The spirit of the staircase”.
It's not about pipes from ghostwatch, Caspar or Patrick Swayze. It refers to all the things you realise you should have said after a conversation has ended. You know those things that keep you awake at night or come to you when you are telling someone else about the argument. Those things that make you say gosh, darn and bother that would have made you a hero in the eyes of your peers if only you had thought of them at the time.

Ghosts though are cool as a the generic cool thing you like. If they exist that is. I love watching all them lame tv programs about the 'paranormal'. Most haunted and ghost hunting and all that crap. And the live specials they do on living on Halloween or some other especially haunted night are amazing. I will sit up till early o'clock watching them. The only thing that ever happens is some light stone throwing that is never caught on camera some coincidental tapping that is barely audible but they swear it's really loud when they are there.
Oh and then there is orbs. Am I the only one who thinks these fantastical orbs are not in fact ghosts but are dust catching the light.

Can't remember my exact point. I'm not well and I think my stupidly high temperature and headache has made me a little delirious.

I wonder if there is Esprit de l’escalier for things I should have written.

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