Monday, November 17, 2014


I have always said my life is just me stumbling from one calamity to the next.

Right now I am so despondent. I can't believe how much my self esteem has suffered in just a week. I haven't been sleeping properly which is making me so tired during the day. I can't bring myself to do my hair or make up. I don't see the point.

Tomorrow the kid is 11. I have been working full time since she was 1. That was never easy. I missed out on so much. But I was always lucky that my sister helped me so much with childcare. 

I always wanted to work. I wanted to provide all the awesome things and experiences in life for the kid. It's never really worked out perfectly. There has always been a broken car or a gas bill to pay. 

Now though I feel further away from any of the things I wanted for me and her. 

It's been a horrible week. It's only going to get worse. 

It is the times like these when I wish I wasn't alone. But my mind keeps pissing me off 

"hey, hey Dougal, why would anyone be interested in your life, you don't have a job" 
"Oi Dougal, don't bother texting that boy, he has loads of women in his life, he doesn't need you"
"Yeah right, like you can do that job"

God I sound fucking miserable, well I am. 

I say it every year, I hate christmas! Well this year I think I mean it more than ever. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Confusing people

I don't know if it's just me but I don't understand people. 

They confuse me with complex behaviour that I can't get my head around. 

I always have and always will wear my heart on my sleeve. "This is me and this is how I feel". 

It's so much easier to just say the thing on your music mind or answer the question directed at you than skirt round an issue. But maybe I am going about things wrong. 

I'm socially awkward. I don't get the conventions. I just want to laugh and be happy.

Laughing is the bestest. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear person I like

Now what angle do I take with this? Is it the person I like, the person who is my friend. Or the person I like, you know, like like.

Based on my usual writings it should really be the latter.

"Dear person I like,

I am not sure if you know the little smiles you bring to my day. The pictures and texts I get just add a little happiness to what can be an otherwise monotonous day.

When thinking of the little time we spent together its the laughter that is most apparent. Or is that me just laughing at my own jokes like I usually do?

I am not saying I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I am not saying you're the one. I just want to spend more time with you and to know you better.

You remain remote and casual enough but every now and then I get the feeling there may be something more. It's a cycle I know only too well, and as usual I hope it works out and becomes something more."

After the crappy interactions I have had with chaps of late I am happy to just sit back and watch this unfold, or maybe not unfold. 

I have really laid my soul bare on this one. There isn't really anything to bear. 

I think I will revisit this. Consider this a post of no interest.

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