Sunday, May 13, 2012

They say

They say never meet someone you admire (note I did not say hero)
Who the fuck are they anyway? And why do they always have an opinion? And why do they always share it? Oi, they, why I oughta.... Shaky fist at you, they!

They also say you are what you eat. Well currently I am a chewy vimto bar.
They say she's in the class A team.

Well they need to shut up. They are so very opinionated and boring.

I met someone I admired. That someone is beautiful and knowledgable. This someone makes me happy. I love every minute we are together and I love this someone.

You can't put a finger on why you love someone. You just do.
And I still admire this someone.

Golly, they talk a lot don't they?

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