Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fundraising for Macmillan with Wonky Tripod

The Wonky Tripod are Matty Barnes, Callum Stroud and Dan Guinness 

They are hoping to raise £9000 for Macmillan Cancer Support by embarking on a five-day trek in the Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra in Spring 2016. But that’s not all they have planned the group are taking part in some fun (and some not so fun) events along the way.

Fundraising started in April with Matty agreed to cut off his “man-bun” if they hit their first milestone of £1000 by then end of May. They reached the target and Matty’s hair came off.

On a nicer note, the group held a private screening of the classic kids film Toy Story at Cineworld and a quiz night at The Kingsdown Inn raising over £400.

During July the team took part in Rough Runner in Petersfield, Hampshire. The 10 mile course had obstacles from TV Shows such as Ninja Warrior and Gladiators. All three managed to complete the course in under four hours.

In the stickiest challenge yet Matty again put himself up for some humiliation but spending a chilly July day sat in a tank of juice outside the Core in Old Town, Swindon rasing of £100 towards the fundraising goal in the process.

With over £7000 still to raise the boys have plenty more planned including a Swindon wide scavenger hunt. 

You can find out more on their Facebook page 
And sponsor then on their JustGiving page

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The list

The list... Or shall we call it the moment I lost that last ounce of self esteem I had. 

I have never had the financial woes that I do now.
I don't have job security. 
It's an almost weekly occurrence to get binned off by friends for their boyfriends (or girlfriends). 
Dating is an endless stream of fuckboys.

All this is normal. I can live with it. Sometimes it can be really hard to smile but I do. Because if I didn't laugh at the endless stream of calamities that is my life I would be a dribbling mess of woes. 

The thing I can't do though is be confident. I have no confidence in any part of myself at the moment. And it's because of this list. 

It's a boys list. Isn't it always about a boy? 
His list of all those he had sexual encounters with. We all have lists of course. But this one was written down. Is writing it down a thing? Written down and saved on his phone.

I'm perfectly ok with being on this list. I had feelings for this boy. I wanted to maybe try and have more than just a place on a list with this boy. But as always it wasn't meant to be.

The thing that got me though. The thing that made my heart do that flip when something really upsets you. The thing that makes me stare at the ground in public more than ever. My name on this list is "wanna be suicide girl".

That is the thing another human chose to define me on. That small part of my life.

There is so much more to me, I know that. But now I feel it is of no relevance. I really feel that this one thing has made me feel empty.

Before this revelation I used to be able to talk to anyone. To smile at people if I caught their eye. To send the first message on whatever stupid dating app I am currently using. 

Now I can't. It's always in the back of my head "why would they be interested in me, I am really not pretty or funny or interesting enough to talk to them"

I had changed my medication recently to help prevent the sudden onset of a physical manifestation of my mental health issues. I always look for the triggers and I know this is what caused it. 

I feel I am darkling. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dating at 32

I've had some friends in relationships say they love their dating life through me. I'm probably the worst example to choose. 

I'm my foray in the dating world I have found just two types of men. 
1. The man who likes you
2. The man that doesn't like you but would still have sex with you, especially if said man has had a couple of beers

Now, this is not a feminist attack on men. This is just my interpretation.  

Both types have quite distinctive flaws.

I have heard it said that men fall in love after 3 dates and women after 14. I think there is an air of truth about this. The man that likes you wants to tell you and they want to tell you as quick as humanly possible. They want to be in your life, know your life and fill your time. 

That's cool, if that's what you want. But if it's so soon after meeting you feel smothered.  Sometimes I want to sit in my Star Wars pyjamas and watch 17 episodes of Community whilst eating peanuts and not have a ton of guilt about not texting back immediately.

The man that doesn't like you will exhibit the exact same behaviours on a date as the man that does like you. He may even display the same pattern of communication. However, if you have sex with this man any time from date 1-3 you will not hear from him again. If you don't have sex with him you won't hear from him again after date 3.

 At least not in the short term. 

This man may reappear though. That surprise message just saying 'hey' out of nowhere. You have been warned. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, you meet someone you laugh with, have amazing sex with and will contact you again.
You meet someone, that likes you. Someone that doesn't want to invade your space. That doesn't feel the have to save you. That lets you be yourself even if you do make up awful power ballads about the broken heating in your car.

That is rare though. 

I wouldn't live vicariously through me unless you really enjoy hoping. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Male sense of entitlement

Three months ago I received this message:

I also enjoy the inked form and the eyes and smile hiding the mind within <grin>

Now why is it that some minds always seem to associate meekness with surrender, and meekness as a human trait is rather enjoyable, as are quite a few human fascinations by way of personal observations, including compliancy <chuckle>

I see what your seeking dougalmct, but then I would also have to ask how much time you have available for this path you would step upon willingly and knowingly ...

And by return in this adult consensual realm, I could allow that I may be easily persuaded dougal mct, but my efforts and expertise do not come cheaply dear girl, so when would you have the time and efforts to discuss the terms of your particular unique surrender and whether or not it is deemed acceptable <grin>

I have to say the girl has a bold air about her, an enjoyable train of thought awaiting release and a ready sense o' humour looking at the laughter lines ...
And compliancy is such an enjoyable human fascination I really should allow you the opportunity to present yourself openly and honesty for further discussions and see what's hiding behind those eyes and smile ...

Tips tri-corner with a smile, instruction eh, that I can give you in spades little girl dougal mct so approach and be seen young woman ...

I did not respond for obvious reasons. 

One day ago I received this further message. 

But the girl lacks effort or energy and cannot respond in a mannered fashion, which shows the girl is severely lacking in her instruction and understanding.

Why do men in so many walks of life believe they are entitled to a reply regardless of what they say?