Sunday, August 4, 2013

Never ever in your life mention my daughter again

Being attacked by strange and senseless people on the Internet is not a new thing to me.

I was once threatened by with gang rape by some moron on twitter. I reported this as the user was threatening teenage girls with the same. Twitter did nothing about it. They have a strange view of how people should behave towards others. Free speech and the right to threaten are two different things.

Today someone took to twitter to try and "tell tales" on me. That's fine, the came unstuck when they just tweeted it at me. They tried to use this blog against me, silly person saying I was slating the place I work. So this person reads my blog. It is also clear that this person knows me but chooses to hide behind the Internet rather than talk to me about the issues they clearly have with me.

What angered me so much today was that this cunt of a fucknut chose to use my daughters name to send these tweets. My 9 year old daughter. When I first saw this tweet I was shaking with anger. The content had no effect (thanks teach), say what you want about me. I was mildly peeved this person chose to tweet at my place of work. I was utterly disgusted and appalled that some person who has been in my life, either now or in the past would choose to involve my daughter.

This is the most deplorable behaviour I have ever encountered and I have see people act like utter pricks. Dear readers, friends, you who did this, a line was crossed. I was with the kids dad when this happened. He is not best pleased either. Now I am not going to take the childish root here. I have screen grabs off the tweets send. I have screen grabs of the user name (@mymumisaslag). I have the links to the tweets. The account has now been deleted. But before it was deleted it was reported to the police and twitter.

You must use an email address to set up a twitter account so I am sure soon enough I will find out who did this. It has been added to the previous police report I made as I can only assume that this is the same person. I am not going to threaten violence or be drawn in to an argument. I will do whatever I can to protect my daughter and I will, if I can, press charges.

My last word on the matter: You are a sick twisted individual. They speed at which you chose to delete your account makes me think you realised you made a huge mistake.

Come at me all you want. Never ever in your life mention my daughter again.