Sunday, May 6, 2012


First a confession or two. My last post caused a furore. Some of which may have seen and some of which was text to me or said in phone calls and will therefore remain private. My intention was not to offend, more to shed light on how I feel. And that is 'having a child is not an achievement, its how you raise the child that matters'. There was nothing personal in the words I wrote except that note at the end about rocking heels. That was a nod to the person I discussed heels with the day before, I thought it was quite a sweet way of noting what she had been through.

The point in what I am writing is not to apologise but to acknowledge people think differently. What does not seem offensive to me and what doesn't offend many of my readers may cause real upset to others. This situation could have been handled better by all those involved and I hope we would all admit that.

A lot can happen if people don't just talk to each other. The internet is a faceless place where arguements escalate quickly. I will carry on writing exactly how I see things and posting them on my blog. Some of the things may not be to your liking and that is cool. Lets talk about it.
Please don't try to second guess who was involved in the below. I won't tell you. And if you know it is up to you whether you share that info.

The outcome of the heated discussions was that I did edit my blog to add in the lines:  "I don't see kids as an achievement. Raising and awesome kid that is the next Einstein maybe but just having a kid is not. Do you see my point? There is a difference!" Just to try and reiterate my point. This has all been sorted now I believe and it feels like it cleared the air between me and 3 of my friends who lives I have been somewhat absent in as they have been in mine.

To sum up I guess the point in this is to say offence will happen, I am sure I will offend people again. Maybe not the same people though. But its how you deal with the fallout that matters.

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