Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Samantha Brick. Such a liar

Samantha Brick is an utter retard that has come into the public conscience this week. If you have never read her articles they can be found in the Daily Mail. The one that has caused her to become an over-night hate figure is Why women hate me cos I'm beautiful

Samantha Brick claims that women hate her because she is beautiful. I am a woman I can can state that I categorically have never hated another woman based on her looks. I am more likely to stare like an utter pervert at a beautiful woman. Brick also is not a beautiful woman. She is average looking. You wouldn't look twice at her if she walked past you in the street. I think she has confused genuinely nice people with people wanting to fuck her.

I also think from reading her writings that can be found on the mail website that women dislike her (not hate) because she is an idiot. She talks about how her husband picks her clothes and how she left her high flying life to become a housewife. Well she clearly isn't she works for the Daily Mail. And she thinks her husband leaving her if she puts on weight is the correct way to live.

She has very little clue how to be a modern woman, she seems stuck in a old fashioned way of living. I am not judging her choice to live like this but her view that is the correct way to live is ridiculous. I would love to be able to meet her and see if this inflated ego is just a front to try and get some media attention.

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