Sunday, April 8, 2012

N00bs at conventions

Yes I am going to talk tattoos again. Fuck off now if you don't wanna hear/read it.

The awesome dude @iamkennethcom and I were tweeting the other night and he said "it's funny how in my work I'm considered heavily tattooed but at a convention I'm a total n00b".

I get told i have a load of tattoos and asked if I have any space left. I don't have loads and I do have space left. I look down at my right arm which has had a fair amount of work done and feel frustrated that it's not finished. There is a load of blank skin there and loads of blank space in my bank account where the money needs to be to pay for the work.

I tried to work out the other day how much I have spent. I think it must be at the £700 mark. This isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things. If you are getting cheap tattoos they are probably not good tattoos. (Unless you have found an awesome friend in one of your tattooerists.)

It's a want in me to get more tattoos now. It's not addictive like people say. I can't stand the pain. But I have so much unfinished space. It's not having got to the conclusion that makes me carry on.

Tattoos have (in a round about way) taken me places in the last 4 months that I didn't think I could get to. I have met the most awesome person I could ever find in my life. I am totally captivated, charmed and utterly happy to be in their life.
The columnist I discovered turned out to be super awesome regardless o the Vans. He gave me an opportunity that I have wanted for ever and ever.
And the photographer lady I worked with recently has given me the confidence to go for another one of my dreams. Soon we will be getting all dirty working on it and I can't wait.

Discovering tattoos, the confidence they gave me and the new outlook I have since really understanding real art is the best thing I have ever done.

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  1. I'm going to be a total n00b at the Great British Tattoo Show the weekend after next!