Monday, April 16, 2012

More Reasons to #BookHavoc

reasons 11-20 of: why @ThisIs_Progress should book @JimmyHavoc #BookHavoc

#11 he will buy Jaffa cakes for the whole audience. Not own brand ones, mcvities. (n.b. jimmy is not pleased with #11)
You know Jaffa Cakes right? Well in case you didn't...

#12 the artwork by @Deano_peppers makes booking havoc worth it alone

#13 girls will cry if he isn't booked. And no one likes a girl crying. I mean how do you deal with that? And what if they don't stop for ages?

#14 that light-tubes thing is pretty cool

#15 he promised not to forget any of our birthdays and send us cards if booked

#16 the guy likes the sight of his own blood. Lets give him the opportunity to see it without cutting himself in a dark room whilst listening to my chemical romance and weeping so bad that his guy-liner runs all down his face.

#17 there will be counselling sessions run by havoc himself for anyone who is emotionally scarred by the violence that ensues. There will be a chaise lounge available, it's been promised.

#18 if havoc isn't booked I shall have to continue with my #datehavoc campaign which isn't going that well. Seems that the ladies are a little scared of a ‘Suicidal, Suicidal, SUICIDAL’ wrestler

#19 Ahhh come on!!!

#20 please!! He'll be your best mate!

Reasons 1-10
Reasons 21-30

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