Monday, April 9, 2012

je ne regrette rien

If you say you have lived a life without regrets you are a liar.
You know you should have
We all have regrets. We have all made the wrong choices and lived with the outcome. We all have that one person or opportunity that got away.
The things is to make a conscious decision to let them go. Not dwell on them and to live in a more positive way.
Until recently I had been dwelling on regrets from the past. Not saying how I really felt when I had been hurt and not telling that person that I loved them to name but a few (although I would class a few as 3, a couple is 2, a couple of few is 6). There is no way I can change these things. I can't go back and blurt it all out and I certainly won't say it now. The moment has passed it's has no place as a worry anymore.
As part of my 'self-counselling' I am learning to let go of these things in the past. To focus on the positives of the past. I have also decided to not be afraid of saying how I feel and trying to create them opportunities I have always dreamt of.
It's working out, i am making decisions based on my own personal happiness and the happiness of the kid. Financial or even geographical complications are not a focus of mine anymore and neither is the fear of being rejected.
If it all goes to shit whilst I am trying I get the things I want then so be it. At least I am trying. It's not easy to do the things I want to do, but if I do make it it will all be worth while.
I know that this is all a bit cryptic right now but all will become clear hopefully sooner rather than later.
Oh and a little quote for you that made me smile this evening;

"Actual self awareness is the knowledge that you’re playing a character in someone else’s dream"


  1. I've always found the whole 'no regrets' thing a bit embarrassing. I feel the people that make a point in saying that, are really the people who have more regrets than they want to take care of. It is a way of shying away, and ignoring one's actions, inevitably leading to them not understanding themselves.

    I like your attitude in this blog post. I think focusing on the positive things in your past is important, I'm doing my best to do the same thing right now.