Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm probably not listening and I doubt I will remember

There are three types of insomnia; transient, acute and chronic.
I suffer from acute. Not all the time but when I do its horrible. Any lack of sleep is horrible but a prolonged period can really make you feel like punching chirpy people right in their happy little, well rested faces. The wankers.
I am not talking poor quality sleep or subjective insomnia, we all suffer from this from time to time.Getting in the car to drive home at the end of the day is a joy, not because work is over but because its nearly bed time. Yawn
But bedtime is not really that great. It is usually when my fun mind decides to discuss all of the super things that should really be more repressed by my subconscious (or dealt with like an adult). And then when I do finally get to sleep there is the annoying disturbances that wake me. Idiot things that cannot be solved at 5am and if they were thought of during the day would not bother me will wake me up. And then I cannot get back to sleep. That is until my alarm goes off. Then I am the sleepiest person ever.
My lack of sleep makes me forget everything. I have to rely on endless reminders on my phone to make it successfully through a day. Another consequence of sleep deprivation is lack of attention. Now I already have the attention of a small child due to my ADHD but when you team this with no sleep and the lack of enthusiasm caused by depression you will probably find I am not listening to you. I don't mean to not listen to you lovely folk. Some people I do try really hard to listen to and now I remember just a little too much and seem like a stalker. But most people I will walk away from without a clue what I may or may not have agreed to do.
Don't take offence if I forget the things you tell me or ask me to do. Just send me reminders. And if you are talking to me and I am looking more vacant than normal ask me where I am as it's probably not in the same room as you.
Nap time

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