Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sexy cartoon characters

Been in bed for half an hour now. Cannot sleep I have a headache and no sleeping tablets. I believe I am doing what is technically known as clicking.

So here is a list of sexy cartoon characters.

Jessica Rabbit. Obviously.

All the disney princesses except snow white. She is just a bit dull looking

The girls from the thundercats: cheetara and pumyra (snarf snarf)

She-ra the princess of power (adora) who was he-mans twin sister

Leela from futurama.

Carmen Sandiego. But where is she?

Jessie from Pokemon. Team rocket are blasting off again.

Probably more, but all this nostalgia has made me think of the animals of farthing wood and in turn watership down. Now I'm just sad for the rabbits. Bright eyes...

Emo pikachu is sad because you are playing with digimon
Miss Fuck You
in the style of Bruce Timms

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  1. You failed to mention the sexiest of them all.... Nala from Lion King :) purrrrrrrrrr - Arms13