Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why f1 pissed me off this season

The f1 season starts on Friday. I love f1. The sound of the cars, the technical aspects, the driver skills, the team and driver rivalries.

I have been watching f1 for years now, since i was a little girl living with my dad eating sunday dinner off a tray in front of the tv, and have been a Button fan since his first race in 2000. He is a local boy and beautiful, why wouldn't I follow him.

Getting up early on a Saturday and sunday to watch qualifying and race especially at the season opener is one of my fave things to do. Snuggling on the sofa at 6am with blurry eyes and the duvet. Being able to take the piss out of those that watch the afternoon replay for not knowing the result or for 'not being real fans'.

This season I need to get sky sports to be able to watch all the races live. Sky sports is an expensive bitch that I have been able to avoid up until now. Pubs tend to have the football I want to watch.

I think I am going to have to bend over and take it like a man. £22.50 a month is a wanker of an amount though and I haven't paid it so far out of pure stroppyness. F1 should be free to air. Pretty soon sport will all be too pricey to be accessible for us common folk.

For the past 2 seasons there has been an awesome free iPhone app from formula1.com which streams race stats live. This year I can't find said app just one from Soft Pauer that costs £19.99.

I know these are not huge amounts of money we are talking but it's the principle. Thank the sweet baby Jebus and the BBC that I can see half the races live.

As for this weekend if anyone has a sofa that I can hang out on for a few hours Sunday morning I would much appreciate if. I will make breakfast.

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