Sunday, March 4, 2012

Your hair looks stupid

This weekend a woman come up to me. Stood around 10 inches away from me. Stared for an uncomfortably long amount of time. Then said "you have a lot of tattoos" I said "yes" she then went on to say "I don't like them". I looked at her and said "oh".

I am very rarely without a come back. But I just didn't know what to say.

I spoke with a friend about it today. She has given me some awesome ideas of what to say in future. My friend made an awesome point though. What if I had gone up to this woman who I had never seen in my life before and said "I don't like your hair"? She, and hopefully most of you, would think that I was a rude bitch.

It's funny how tattoos can make people so vocal and intrusive. They feel they can share opinions on subject matter and meanings of tattoos like their word is gospel.

It's strange to me having only recently entered to world of having visible tattoos. I have been called a stupid girl at a train station, been grabbed by a check out girl at asda half an hour after having my arm finished (ow) and had my top pulled up so high so someone could see my back that the vast amount of people in the pub I was in saw my very pretty bra.

It's like being pregnant, everyone touches your stomach and tells you what you're having and the weight. And I hated that. So do not think that I am going to be happy if you place your hands or your shit opinions anywhere near me. I've got photos I will show you them. Just don't touch me.

Ex oh ex oh

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