Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I do not look how I used to

In the past year, probably even in the last few weeks the way I look has changed quite a lot.

I feel more comfortable in myself now than I have since I was 20 (pre-pregnancy). However the way I look comes along now comes along with its own set of problems. I don't think I look extreme. I know of plenty of other girls out there who take tattoos, hair colour and style of dress a lot further than I do and I commend them. One day I hope my life has got to the point where I am free to express myself like them daily.

The way I look should not be confused with some misconceived stereotype you may have.

I am not in the bottom rung of my career, I am not the admin assistant here to do your bidding. I think I have been quite successful in what I do. I have a lot of love for my job and my team. Admittedly, no, I am not a super successful manager but nor would I want to be. The plan is to move onwards and upwards in what I do, not become one of them BMW driving business bitches I see in their power suits.

I am over the age of 18 so you can't really get away with calling me a silly little girl. I'm too old to be that and also it's just gosh darn rude.

Don't make the tattooed assumption of massive drinker who smokes roll ups. That's definitely not me. Still not drinking. High 5 me.

My hair is currently a reddy-pink masterpiece. Pay attention here comes the science
Majicontrast in red or magenta
9% creme developer
Rusk in hot pink
Ta da.

I think I am telling you all this because recently I have met with some, not discrimination, but some thing similar because of the way I look and dress.

I wear short skirts. I team these with high heels for work converse for play. I love mini skirts. I have lots. Team these skirts with the warm weather we have been having and it makes or a lot of tutting in my general direction. One such occurrence took place in a super market recently when a lovely lady took it upon herself to nudge her fellow shopper and say "look the warm weather brings 'em all out, and look at her tattoos too". What does this even mean? How have I offended this woman's eyes so badly just by standing in front of her. I had just finished work and I always wear dark black tights to work with my far too short skirts. So it's not like she could see my ass cheeks hanging out.

Another such occurrence happened to me during my working day. I may not be the most serious person you come across and I may not be super corporate but I know there is a time and a place to be professional. I also will do my work to the highest possible standard. When someone tries to get in the way of me doing my job, undermines my role and generally talks to me like utter shit I will not stand for it. It wasn't apparent to me on the day several people were behaving in a strange and rude manner towards me that it might be because of how I look until someone pointed it out to me. It's ridiculous but thinking back that is probably what happened.

Today's rant is really to ask you lot. To be a bit more open minded. And if you see me in the street come say hello. You can touch my hair if you like. Unless you are a chino, v neck, vans wearing douche.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha see what I did there.


  1. Fucking cool....tell it how it REALLY is x

    Swindonian Stars you know who I am

  2. I don't know but I have some guesses!