Sunday, March 11, 2012


Forever as a concept is beautiful and poetic, it's the permanence that gives you safety and sanctity.

Forever is easy for me to perceive. Thinking of the few friends and boyfriends I have said forever to in my life I realise I still mean it. We may never speak again but if they decide they needed me for anything I would do all I could to help.

Tattoos advertise everlasting allegiances and values. Everlasting that is until death do us part.

I think this is why I gravitate towards the heavily tattooed. They wear their heart on their sleeves, literally! They are a walking archive of private and personal thoughts on show for the world to see.

Tattooed people are forever people in friendship. They are permanent fixtures as they understand permanence.

I hope to pass my forever on to the kid one day. She doesn't want to get tattooed but when she is older I would want nothing more than for her to get her own versions of one of mine and her dads tattoos. Just so she has a little piece of us, forever.

Don't be scared to say forever as long as you mean forever. The relationship may not have to last but the sentiment does.

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