Saturday, January 14, 2012

Strange pangs

I have these strange pangs of guilt that keep me awake at night. Nothing horrendous. I haven't killed anyone. But about being a single mum.

See I am a rare breed. I am a single mum. But, I work full time. I don't know of many of me. I am sure they are out there some where. But I don't know them.

Add to this my place of work is 40 miles away from my house. It makes for some "late" nights. Now I don't mean that I am getting home at midnight. I just mean I am losing valuable kid time to the motorway.
And this bothers me.

The other pang is the petrol bill that comes with this. £70 a week. Not massive compared to them highly paid executive, Audi driving, business bitches out there. I am not one of these bitches

But alas this money takes away from my 2 favourite things- the kid and getting tattoos.

These pangs are little devils. They wake me at 3am and cause me headaches like you won't believe. But I hope the kid grows to understand that maybe I am not around as much as other mums but I go out to work so we can pay our own way. We are skint all the time. But Spring is coming and that means tree climbing and running round fields. Free fun is probably the best fun.

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