Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I hate Facebook.

So Facebook has turned into my mortal enemy in the last few weeks.

I love the idea of Facebook. Being able to connect with the important people in your life no matter where they are in the world. However this is not what it is used for.

A friend of mine calls it bragbook. Which is entirely true, 'look at me, look what I have'. I know of a girl that would genuinely get upset about what she saw on facebook as she would compare it to her life and I can only assume it made her feel like a failure.

Another reason for Facebook use is 'oh my god I am so fun'. Endless check ins at various locations, usually trendy bars with thousands of pictures of you having yet another great night out with your mates who are 'actual legends' (yup that's in there). I have done this myself. Not in a very long time I may add. But I have done it. And I am a massive French shower for doing it.

I am not saying i do not go on Facebook. I do. It fills that bit of blank space in my day when I just feel I need to know what people i probably wouldn't even speak to in the street are having for dinner. And I love nothing more than to look at endless pictures of kids because no one cares more about your kids than someone you went to school with.
I also update my status some recent examples are:
-excited to see scott Owen tomorrow. And if he bombs me off it's only fair that I get to tattoo him
-you're all cunts
-yeah i'm a bloody pirate...

Recently I have found Facebook over run with opinion:
- opinion is a subjective belief, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts.
- fact is something that has really occurred or is actually the case.

So, as I have mentioned, or as those of you that know me are aware I have a lot of tattoos. These tattoos are mine and I love every last one of them. I would hazard a guess that if I walked past you in the street, especially during working hours that you would not see them. If you so happen to see any of my tattoos, maybe by standing across the street in the bushes staring in my bedroom window or by seeing me at a weekend you can form an opinion of them. If its a nice opinion tell me, if you wanna discuss the artist or even the meaning I will do this. If however your opinion is not nice, if you think my tattoos are stupid, or you want to tell me that I shouldn't have got any of them then I would like to tell you this now: fuck off.
There really is no need to share your negative opinion with me. It achieves nothing. If you have a fact to tell me that is negative such as "hey kirsty that tattoo on your left arm is poorly executed and has blowout" you are welcome to do so.
Now even worse is that you don't have any tattoos and you want to tell me you don't like them. Or on the other hand you do have tattoos but you seem to think you have been put in charge of tattoos, you type of people can shut the fuck up and fall down a well for all I care.

Back to Facebook- I usually put a few pics of my tattoos on Facebook for people like my mother to see. I rarely see her and I am sure she would be interested. These pictures seemed to stir up a lot of opinions. Some nice. Some not so nice. So when yesterday I got 4 new tattoos I took the decision to not put any pics on Facebook.

However there is a twist, I was dared by 12 of my friends to get there names tattooed on me. Not one to turn down a dare but not wanting to waste valuable leg room I got their 12 initials down the back of my left leg.
A pic of this was sent to my friends and one put it on Facebook. This is where the comments started. People sharing their negative opinion of what I should or shouldn't do with my life and my skin. A lot were sent to me privately so as not to show the world what utter twunts the senders are.
I will keep these private, for now.

I would leave Facebook but then how would I find out the hot guy I am in Internet love with is single (probably twitter actually).

So to sum up a quote from a status update i put out there a while ago

Be nice to each other or I will send the bigger boys round.

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