Sunday, January 29, 2012

The girl with the matching tattoos

I will throw myself in. I do it a lot. I meet someone. I rant on to anyone who listens about how great they are and then they turn out to be a massive bender.

Sometimes throwing yourself in works. The kids dad and I made it to 7 and a half years. And now, even though we may occasionally hate each other when one or the other of us doesn't get our own way, we get on amazingly. I know that I could ring him right now, say "brush your teeth" and hang up and he would play along. (by the way kids dad brush your teeth)

Other times throwing yourself in will make you feel like a wreck of a person and endanger friendships that are so much more important that you realize at the time.

I am the girl with the matching tattoos, I lived the heartache of pining for someone that i threw myself in to. I pushed friends away and then sobbed on them when time and time again when i was let down. I won't cover the tattoos, I keep them to remind me, not only of all the awful things but of those amazingly happy times when it was only me and him in the world and all I could do was smile and be in love.

I would love to say I have learnt my lesson. I haven't. I will do it again but you never know the next one could last for a week, 7 years or forever.

I gave some tattoo advice last time and this time I have probably this most important piece I am going I say: don't get the matching tattoo and don't get pulled in by the curse of the name tattoo. Tattoo the memories and the things that make you happy. Don't tattoo the moment because in a second it could be over.

And next one. Don't be scared I'm not proposing marriage, just promising truth and if that scares you off then it wasn't meant to be.

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