Sunday, June 17, 2012

I want a dog. A little one

I really want a dog. I really want a miniature pinscher or even a miniature pinscher crossed with a pug.

I can't afford the initial outlay of £300 to £600 pound.

So this is my appeal rather like those ones you see on day time tv but a little bit more selfish.

I am not asking for £2 a month. Just £2.
If every one of my twitter followers or every one of my faceyb "friends" send me just £2 then I could afford a cute little puppy-wuppy.

You may be asking yourself "but what do I get out of this dougal?"
Well you will get the satisfaction of knowing that I have a cute dog. I will post pictures quarterly on various social media sites and I would be super happy.

Basically this is all about me.

So, give kindly to this important appeal

I accept PayPal and cash

Go on. Get me a dog. #dougalsdog
Please share this is your friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances.


  1. I'm with Newts but will also add a get fucked into the mix. So just to be clear, no get fucked.