Monday, June 4, 2012

But just who is #BlueEyes

I have been asked recently who blue eyes is and what happened between us.

If you don't know I am not going to tell you. The past few months have been such happy times, contrary to his opinion, that others sharing their thoughts on it will just take that away and that's not what I want.

The few months when he was mine went so quick I really don't feel I got a chance and maybe he misjudged me. Sadly I can't change that. All I know is that it wasn't what he thought and it meant more to me than I let on.

As for what happened, I don't really understand and I doubt I will get an explanation. It's not like I will run in to him at asda. It's a 2 hour drive to his local supermarket.

I want so bad just to say hey and chat like we did at the start but I can't and that's the most upsetting thing. I lost that thing that I don't think I was actually meant to find.

If you don't understand that don't worry. I guess I am still in The Smiths phase after all.

Love you. Miss you. #BlueEyes

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