Sunday, February 26, 2012

A selection of tweets all mashed up

I need to get the arrested development out of my system (not the band or the series both were awesome).

So, guess what I did. Why I got a tattoo of course. Like normal I think its beautiful and you may have an opinion. Just remember 'it's not up to you'.

It's my last one for a while. I am braving going back to work after ever and the drive is always torture when all stingy.

My time off has helped me not only to reevaluate all the things in my brain but also to sleep all kinds of odd hours. Which has been a delight. But the real world beckons and I can't avoid it forever. I can however make it more bearable. I know exactly how I am going to do this and all will be revealed soon and I am gonna need willing participants.

I have abused the shit out of twitter during my time off. I have just had a quick look back and some of the thing said are ridiculous.
- I have thought of the correct pressure for a high five to be fulfilling but not stingy. It needs more research
- I have thought of sappy things such as you and hugs and hugs with you.
- I have thought of dizzy the egg and all the yolk folk
- I have though of getting a miniature pinscher and calling it Zeus or Odin. Or cutey-little-puppy-wuppy.
- I want a velociraptor I would put a saddle on it and ride around town listening to Jurassic 5 on a retro ghetto blaster.

Some of the things I have said are genius such as
- According to tv we are ok with Chris brown now. I am gonna go kick the crap out of someone and see how my career does.
Which in turn caused me to tag everything #fuckoffchrisbrown

Other gems include
- BVB are such utter tools. They should be in a death match pitted against one direction.
- Went out with no make up. Bump into my sister who says not 'hello' but 'what's wrong with your face'.
Take that self esteem.

Well as this is just complete and utter self promotion I shall be off.

"you smell like rainbows. You want some weak lemon drink?"


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