Wednesday, February 15, 2012

False eyelashes and augmentation

I'm not skinny. Never call me skinny. Skinny infuriates me beyond belief. Don't tell me I need to eat more. Don't tell me the kid is skinny.
We are slim. It's our build.

You would never go up to an overweight lady and say "oi fatty put down the cake" so don't tell me I need to 'get some burgers down me'

My weight hangs around between 7-&-a-half and 8-&-a-half stone. Which is perfectly healthy for someone of my height. This is size 6-10 for those of you interested. I have never been on a diet and I accept that my weight will always change.

I have the same hang ups of all of the girls you or I know. My boobs are too small, my ass is too big, etc. But, this is what I have and I have to deal with it. I used to want a boob-job so very much. I had consultations with nurses and surgeons when I was younger. Now I am older, but probably not wiser, I wouldn't do it. The expense and the pain to fix something that essentially is not a problem. My boobs work. They make milk when needed, which is after giving birth.

The media portrays the 'real woman' to be what ever is in vogue at the moment and it is for the most unattainable. From the beautiful hour glass to the slim and athletic the media will pick its shape of the moment and tell us all we need to look like this. It will also tell us that if we are not this correct shape we can dress a certain way to fake this look. No part of the body has not been scrutinised.

False eyelashes are the thing of the moment. The idea of gluing hair to my face and even more specifically my eyes gives me the heebeejeebees. There are inventions such as false lash effect mascara. Why would we want to look false? Mascara is one of my favourite things. I will not leave the house without it (yea the media got me too) but to design specifically to make you look false baffles me.

Now I know I seem a bit hypocritical with the false as my hair is the colour of a hookers beaudoir. But that is the only thing that is not real about me.

So this is how I am:
Sometimes I can't be bothered to wax my legs
My thighs have cellulite
I have the boobs of a 12 year old
I have wrinkles
And my hair is frizzy
But I have had loads of fun getting this way. And I am still a real woman, I'll just probably not make it as a model. Darn

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