Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dinosaurs come over on a Sunday.

Sunday is a thing of beauty that should not be taken for granted. Sunday is for laying in bed till late. Maybe braving the super market and then eating lots.

Viewing of a Sunday should be discovery channel related. This Sunday's viewing consists of Last Days of the Dinosaurs. Those reptile bastards were shit out of luck. If it wasn't a massive asteroid it was volcanos or tsunamis.

My Sundays are not normally anything noteworthy. This Sunday is the same. But I am feeling a whole heap of self loathing. More than I normally do. I have spent the day trying to convince myself that I don't care. That I can spend the rest of my life laying on the sofa devoid of emotion.

Laying on the sofa is something I am becoming expert at. Anytime now i could go pro and take the world on at laying down. Laying in bed at night and not sleeping or sleeping during the day would be my specialities.

During today's lay downs I have been thinking of reasons not to be depressed. #Waysnottobedepressed
- I have never been hit by an asteroid and/or been in a mass extinction event
- I don't have an ice cream headache
- Some people will eat them frozen jacket potatoes.
Frozen jacket potatoes are probably the pinnacle of laziness. Purely marketed at idiot folk to make them feel better for not eating chips with every meal.

The last thing that has helped me not get lost in the dark place this evening is knowing in a few days I will get tattooed again. My roses on my forearm will be beautiful and finished.

This next journey to the tattooerist shall be a road trip for me and cw. And the kids dad shall be popping down too. He is getting some work on his leg finished. I am sure he did it to laugh at me in pain.

If anyone else wants to come. Well, you can't but don't think I don't want you to.

Till we speak again in the future: live every day like its shark week. And don't watch The Last Lions on your own. You'll cry. Xx

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