Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I like kicking back with you lot

I am aware that I have seemed pretty down lately. Both internet based and real life.
This is because I am pretty down. Day to day life is a struggle for me. I did however manage to get a normal persons night sleep, 11pm-6.30am and didn't nap at all during the day so maybe I am on the up again.

I don't wanna seem like a miserable fuck cos those that know me will know that I am not. Or maybe I am and no one has told me. Please text me if you are lucky enough to have my number and think I am a miserable fuck.

To prove I am not entirely down I shall list some awesome things in my life.

The kid- naturally! The kid is awesome. She come into the kitchen earlier where I was sat having a stare and said "mummy that boy off x factor is singing 7 nation army. I don't like it. I like the original.". This was a truly joyous moment in my life which called for not only big 10s up top but the exchange of massive hugs and the giving of a creme egg. I love music all kinds of music (insert genre spanner joke here) but an awful cover song for no reason other than to sell records will piss me off no end.

So music is also on the list of awesome things. I bloody love music. And I am not about to get all hoity-toity about it. I like the stuff I like. You like what you like. Neither of us are wrong and I am sure we will find some middle ground. My best guess is that middle ground will be Bobby Darin. Music is always on in my house and in my car. But the one thing I cannot tolerate is commercial radio. Heart fm you can fuck off

My sisters. Now although they will never be as cool as me they are still pretty awesome. Big sis for putting up with all them kids all the time. I don't like kids I don't know how you do it. And lil sis I know you ain't had it easy but you are doing ok. Just stop getting them holes in your face I don't like them.

Friends. I am blessed with my friends. I don't have loads. I probably have the right amount but the coolest bunch of people ever.
So I raise a glass of lemonade to you:
Aids monkey (plus significant others)
The only way is moredon
Entrepreneur from London
Baringa boys
Reading based
After work pub bestest confidant
Lili and q10
From school
And anyone I have missed. I know you are one of them valentine monkey giver.

Them 3 seem like the most important things in hindsight. I hope you folk have something similar.

Another thing you can all guess is tattoos. Got my roses finished early. Thanks to Scott at mantra. X
I stole your picture again.

There is just one last thing that is truly awesome that will make me happy and that is sharing my weak lemon drink. Xx