Monday, June 10, 2013

Love letters

Well not really. In fact, not at all. Letters from a sociopath / psychopath / someone with some kind of disorder that requires medical attention.

This was posted to the address of my future employees. You can see I added my reply.

I don't know what it's intention was. Maybe to scare me or maybe it's a sick joke. 

It was posted in my home town which makes it a little worse. Some oddball round here has nothing better to do than this. The police were informed and matters are in hand.

I know I am not for everyone:
I am loud. I am disruptive. I would probably say I am obnoxious. I would be the jerk in the band.

If you don't like me, or the way I choose to live my life your best bet would be to avoid me. I really don't have a problem with being cut out. or even not involoved from the outset.

I think I know who sent this, although I currently can't prove it, but one day I will.

All I have left to say on the matter is, if you are reading this, and I believe you are, feel free to carry on your sick campaign. I won't stop doing the things I do. I will continue to be involved with Suicide Girls. I will continue to post the pictures you feel it necessary to report. You can carry on trying to get me banned from facebook and instagram. You can send your passive agressive tweets. I will carry on being friends with the peole you don't want me involved with. You won't get to me. I have no need for you in my life, now, or at any point.

Good luck sicko!

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