Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Advice please

So I have been in my new job a week and a half. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but it doesn't pay a lot. 

I can hear you all now, money doesn't buy you happiness Dougal. Well, yeah it does. Name someone that is happy being skint and I like buying things and going places. 

It's a bit weird being trapped in Swindon. I hate the morning traffic. Not that I have been that trapped. I did escape to Reading and Bristol last weekend.  

The more and more I think about it the more I am drawn to London. Everything I want it there. Lifestyle, career, education, art, culture. But then there is friends, family, the kids school and family.

Here at the west end of the m4 corridor I lead a happy existence, well you know apart from the looming presence of depression.  

I am in a quandary. I want to go. I want to start a new life. But I want to stay here and go annoy Emily at weekends. play I dare you to eat that with Hollie. Wake up on Sams sofa. Drink gin with Nathan and Dougie. 

I'm going to think on it more but I really would appreciate your views lovely readers.  


  1. Well if you did move, would it be a daily commute or would you move house?
    You also need to remember unless you earn a lot, it is going to become very expensive to live there which in turn will reduce your standard of living, think £5+ for a G&T.

    If you commute, then not only does it make your working day a hell of a lot longer, but it will also cost a great deal, and drive you insane just to get to and from work.

    The grass might always look greener, but that's the thing it just LOOKS greener.
    I would say give your new job time, settle into it and have a rethink after 6 months.
    I've also been in my job for 6 weeks and at times I think WTF my last job was easy and was for a little less but no hassle. This one a few quid more and work like a dog.

    But on the whole I am happy, and you are right money makes being happy in a job a dam sight easier.

  2. I was born in London and my family moved out to the Home Counties when I was in primary school. From the age of eighteen I moved to a Northwestern University and have never left the NorthWest. I am in my early thirties now and I settled in Eastern Cheshire (just below Manchester)

    I like it up here.

    Sure, wages are a little lower, but the cost of living is dramatically lower. Rents/House prices in a Cheshire market town are a fraction of what my friend paid in high-crime areas of suburban London. It just doesn't compare.

    I have North Yorkshire Moors, The Lake District, The Peak District and Snowdonia all within 60-75 minute drive away, but the bright lights of Manchester 20 minutes away on the train. I have direct trains to London that costs £50-70/return and takes less than two hours; I might in "the sticks" but I am not inaccessible.

    Most of my friends live in London, but I really don't miss it. It's nice to have the amenities, but my children, my family and I have a great standard of living, and we wouldn't get that down South.

    The other thing, is that I do know Swindon. A rather big building society is based in the town and I have to travel there often; it's a soulless place! Maybe not all that representative! :)

    I earn to keep my family and I comfortable and happy; if you aren't doing that, then maybe you've answered your own question.

    Best of luck for the future.


  3. Samuel Johnson once said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life", and he is right. London is an amazing place and if there was a way to divide your time between Swindon and London, then you should.