Thursday, October 11, 2012

Diary of a week in my life - 5-11 Oct

Friday 5 Oct - Sleeping out in probably monsoon conditions to raise money for Action for Children. Well maybe not monsoon but it did piss it down all night. We had no sleep, we were soaking wet and we were freezing cold but between the 2 water factories teams we have raised about £3000. Which i a massive woooooop. If you donated to our cause you should give yourself a massive high 5 as you rock. Take a look at the work Action for Children do and sign up for Byte Night 2013. I'll be there. We can whine in the rain together.

Saturday 6 Oct - this day mainly consisted of trying to catch up on all that missed sleep. It didn't really work out as my insomniac mind likes being awfully tired. Saturday evening lady jesko inssited on watching x-factor. Man that program is long. It goes on and on and on and on. I like none of the acts. Which was super. Well I did enjoy Rylan. Every year they need to have an unstable and unbleievably camp man that can barely sign. It's in the rules. I suppose I have to support the Jahmene dude as he is a hometown fellow. But I really don't care. Anyway Lady Jesko fell asleep half way through right in the middle of my bed. I stuck it out though.
Other things I could have done in 2 and a half hours include:
Fly to Spain
Clean my flat
Had lots of sex
Had a full body massage
Groomed a poodle

Sunday 7 Oct - Sunday is always an amazing day. This one was the same. It started with a lovely trip to asda. The food shopping for the week was completed and then I have a lovely pop to town. I haven't been to town since the dawn of time. I hate it there. All teenagers in skinny jeans and ne'er-do-wells in tracksuits. It is a weird mix of people. Imagine the cast of hollyoaks hanging around with the photofits from crime watch. This was an emergency. New underwear was needed. And it was purchased.

Monday 8 Oct - I spent my day synergising the low hanging fruit while thinking outside the box in a blue sky way to ensure the successful collaboration at a granular level. Yeah I have no clue what this means either but apparently it makes you sound really businessy.

Tuesday to Thursday can just be written off as nothing of any interest. Them days when nothing happens then you go to bed. I am sure I listened to a lot of Halestorm and drank lots of redbull. I also hung around on my fave forum on t'internet. Although it is annoying that there are many pictures of the ex on there. I think I shall start a petition to have him removed. ha. Spoke to the lovely sexiest man ever a lot. Had a crisis of confidence. It is about dumping time (see my track record) but everything is going fine. That's because he is awesome. I'm still shit at these things. Oh and finally got a right talking to by Parody Clothing. It was the team talk I needed to stop me being a cock. Yeah I was being a cock. I was told. I've stopped being a cock.

This all brings me to Friday 12 Oct - A scary and exiting day for me. I am having a photoshoot with Andrea Lavezzaro. Look her up. She is also know as Lavezzaro Suicide.
I can't wait. I shall report back on how it went. I was on the verge of chickening out at several points this week. And I sure between now and tomorrow my self esteem issues will make me wanna bin it off a few more times. I'm scared.

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