Friday, July 6, 2012

Girl you'll be a woman soon

It's 3.22am. My brain and body are dead set against me sleeping.

I'm 29. 29 years old. But I'm confused. Am I now a woman. The simple answer is yes. An adult human is called a woman. But I don't feel like a woman. When I look in the mirror I don't see a woman. I just see me.

We go through milestones with our ages
10 - double figures
13 - a teenager
16 - sweet or maybe not
18 - able to have homosexual intercourse
21 - for some reason.
Then nothing. You are just in your twenties until you reach 30. The big ones are only the decades after that.

But sat here at the end of my 20s I'm wondering, when do I become a grown up, when am I a woman?

If you asked me what I was doing at the weekend I was said I am going to see the girls, or the ladies. I wouldn't refer to us as women. But we are.

I am officially picking an age when we become women.
It's 69 dude.

He he he he he he he 69 (massively overrated)

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