Thursday, January 1, 2015

Male sense of entitlement

Three months ago I received this message:

I also enjoy the inked form and the eyes and smile hiding the mind within <grin>

Now why is it that some minds always seem to associate meekness with surrender, and meekness as a human trait is rather enjoyable, as are quite a few human fascinations by way of personal observations, including compliancy <chuckle>

I see what your seeking dougalmct, but then I would also have to ask how much time you have available for this path you would step upon willingly and knowingly ...

And by return in this adult consensual realm, I could allow that I may be easily persuaded dougal mct, but my efforts and expertise do not come cheaply dear girl, so when would you have the time and efforts to discuss the terms of your particular unique surrender and whether or not it is deemed acceptable <grin>

I have to say the girl has a bold air about her, an enjoyable train of thought awaiting release and a ready sense o' humour looking at the laughter lines ...
And compliancy is such an enjoyable human fascination I really should allow you the opportunity to present yourself openly and honesty for further discussions and see what's hiding behind those eyes and smile ...

Tips tri-corner with a smile, instruction eh, that I can give you in spades little girl dougal mct so approach and be seen young woman ...

I did not respond for obvious reasons. 

One day ago I received this further message. 

But the girl lacks effort or energy and cannot respond in a mannered fashion, which shows the girl is severely lacking in her instruction and understanding.

Why do men in so many walks of life believe they are entitled to a reply regardless of what they say? 


  1. Because he's clearly a nutter? You get them on the internet. HTH!

    1. I get more than my fair share. Xx

  2. That's was fucking exhausting! Surely it's easier to introduce yourself say who you are and what you are and your mutual interest in the you and ask politely if you could remain in contact with you and get to know you better. *mind you I've been doing this for months on dating websites and getting no reply...however that may have something to do with my face!* Either way these messages and comment are the darkest part of the Internet and an area that truly disgust me. Stay safe.
    D x