Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An open letter to my little sister

I'm not sure if you will read this or if you will even care....

We have all been 17. I know that is something you probably hear all the time. I doubt it has any meaning as it's so frequent, but it is true.

We all know what is like to lose our first love. The heartache and the feeling that you'll never be able to be happy aain. Believe me you will be a million times happier and a million times sadder in the future. Try to focus on the happy bit though. It has taken me until now to realise that I shouldn't settle for what is in front of me. If I don't find what's right it doesn't matter as Ihave books, art, music and friends to fill what some may see as a void.

We all know what it is like to not know what to do with our life. I only figured that out recently and I am 31. I still haven't finished my education and we both know that big sis is back in college now and she is well old, like 34. That's proper old.

Families are hard work. They really are. They always will be. My parents are hard work, your parents are hard work. Tthey will say the same thing about all three of us sisters. We are hard work. You won't always see eye to eye with your parents or your sisters but it will get easier. Not all the time, but it will. Big sis and I have been in some horrible fights. There were times when I was your age that we didn't speak for weeks on end. Now she is the one person I couldn't be without.

Friends come and go, but not all of them. One minute you may feel like you have 100 best friends and the next minute you will feel alone in the world. The ones that really matter will still be there throughout the years. I have a select group of friends now. I wouldn't trade them for the world. We don't live in each others pockets like we used to, we are older, maybe even wiser. But hey, give us a free bar and a pool table to dance on and we will show you how to have the most amazing time of your life.

Your health is not just your body but your mind. This one I know. Don't let the negative thoughts overwhelm you. It can be dangerous. You may feel lost and alone. You may feel no one understands you. I probably do better than anyone. I have been to very dark places, you may well know, or maybe you don't. Once I realised I could get help it changed a lot.

The world is there for the taking. Why not take it. You don't have to stay in this dingy little town. Save your money and see the world. Don't be in a hurry to settle down. Full time jobs, boyfriends, cars, houses, they are not important.

Little sister I am not going to tell you that you have made the wrong or right decisions, it's not my place. I will not tell you what you should or shouldn't do. Do what makes you happy not what makes others happy but do it for the right reasons also. I know you have your morals.

Don't forget that I will always be your big sis. I love you. If and when you need me I am here.

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