Thursday, February 21, 2013

How dependent are you..

Recently we did a quiz in Psychologies magazine called How dependent are you on your partner?

Oh what a sad state of affairs. I filled it in about my boss. Luckily enough she is one of my best friends. But, when answering the question 'in an ideal world, how would you spend the day?' All of the answers seemed a little awkward:
1.snuggled up after a romantic walk
2.preparing a day that's tailor-made to please your partner
3.doing something by yourself, but without forgetting your partner.

Well obviously I chose 1, who wouldn't want to spend the day spooning on the sofa with their boss watching Man Vs Food and eating malteasers?

In a real life ideal world (if I ever get a boyfriend) I would choose none of the above. My ideal day will be a warm Saturday. Just pissing about after a long lie in and all the things that entails. It be laughter and fun that is all.

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