Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dougal V Splash Media

Splash media are an independent production company that put together such tripe as Desperate Scousewives and Great British Hairdresser (yeah mind-numbing tv. They don't really bring much to the table.

Recently they made a faux-pas. They also back tracked a lot. They asked for tattoo obsessives for a Channel 4 tv show. They reworded their request several times as it turned out they just wanted to make another pile of shit like My Tattoo Addiction.

Below is my reply to them, they got several others like it.

I'm currently working on a new show for Splash Media and C4. We're looking for people with habits that impact their lives and the lives of those closest to them. Habits, habits. I wouldn't call it a habit. Collection maybe. Art enthusiast without a doubt. I have a habit of leaving my dirty washing on the bathroom floor. I don't have a habit of getting tattooed. I invest and research

We're really keen to speak to people with tattoo addiction. Can you not get enough of them? I find it hard to believe that someone could be addicted to tattoos. It is a strange word that Channel 4 seem to want to throw out there and link to tattoos. Correct me if I am wrong guys.

What do your friends/ family think of your passion? What is it that makes you want more Who cares what my friends and family think. It's my body.

Those of us that enter the world of visible tattoos (I am talking proper enthusiast and not those how get their hands and chest done first cos it's "cool") Understand there there always has and always will be a certain amount of stigma around it. That we will have to cover up at (most) places of work. That people with think we are criminals, ne'er-do-wells and in the case of women, sluts. We all make choices in our lives, and not all choices will please everyone. But what a boring place the world would be if we all followed the same path.

Well I have an idea to put to Splash Media. I would like to offer my services to produce this show. Lets get this done right. Lets show amazing artists and real collectors. Not people with unhealthy obsessions with teenage pop stars.

I am willing to put in the leg work for this. Find the artists, set up the interviews, find people with a true passion for an art form that I greatly respect.

So Splash Media it is over to you.

Oh and readers, please email this link to or and see if they take me up on the idea.

Update my lovelies - 22 February

Victoria Harris from splash media contacted me to ask for my number which I have given her. No call yet.

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