Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Student loans and predicting the future

I am so excited to say that finally at the age of 29 and 11 months I am starting my degree.
My student loan is sorted and my first module is picked - Astronomy. I start in February 2013 (when I will be 30 and 1 month), so expect me to become more of a hermit than I already am.

Science bit, skip if you like:
This course considers the structure, origin and evolution of stars, galaxies and the universe as a whole, asking questions such as: How are stars born, and what happens when they die? How do galaxies form, and how do we know that the universe began in a ‘big bang’? This introduction to astronomy investigates the stars and their life cycles, galaxies and quasars, and the origin and evolution of the universe - and how it might continue to evolve in the future. and how it might continue to evolve in the future.

Firstly I would like to point out I am studying Astronomy and not Astrology. After a hard conversation last night about me starting my studies which included the sentence "why do you need a degree?" (the answer is because I want one) the following happened:

Me: I am doing my degree in astronomy
Other Person: Does that mean you can do my horoscope and stuff
Me: That's astrology
OP: oh its all the same stars and stuff

I did giggle a lot. Astrology is not a science. I don't care what moon you were born under and if Jupiter was rising in Capricorn. Mystic meg, Russell Grant and all them other liars cannot predict your future based on the time of your you were born.

My second point here is, why astronomy? A lot of people have asked that and looked at me strangely when I told them my future plans. If you ask this question I will give you an answer "Because it interests me". This answer is not up for discussion. That's the answer. I am not too worried about my future career plans. I am basically just winging it. And hopefully soon I will be winging it in an educated manner.

I think in conclusion what I am trying to say is: It's 37 days till my 30th birthday and I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life. If you would like to buy me presents try Stack Ring co, Lola and Grace or just buy me a pretty tattoo (I pick the artist).

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  1. It a cliche but the stars really are the final area of exploration. I can see the draw of it and even more so with things like DragonX and NASA's plan to send another rover to Mars in 2020... i'm excited by the prospect of humans on Mars in my lifetime. Best of luck with your new educational direction. x

    1. Thank you Dave really apprecaite the support! XX