Monday, November 26, 2012

public displays of affection


The public display of affection (PDA), is it ok?

This last weekend my friends and I bore witness to a PDA. Well I say a PDA. The whole evening was an elaborate ruse. We were just to pawns in a game of "I am gonna bone this girl". This PDA was more scent marking the area. He might as well had pissed on her right there at the bar.

The married among us were shocked that people act like this beyond the age of 15. The single among us were scared that this is now how we need to act to find a significant other. All of us were feeling a little bit queasy at the sight.

Beyond hand holding (whilst walking only) and the occasionally peck on the lips / cheek when sharing a bit of an 'in' joke, PDAs are not ok.

I do not need to see you and your most recent catch, or even your long term lover, basically dry humping. Especially so when we are only out and not out-out.

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