Thursday, December 8, 2011

I got told to blog

I say a lot of things every day that I think need to be noted in history. Some may offend you and I apologise but offence isn't really a big deal to me. Some may make you laugh, but I tend to laugh at my jokes the most. And some may make you cry or even cringe.

About me and the future of my blogs:

I am 28 (currently), a single mum of an 8 year old, I work full time 40 miles away from my house (helpful). I do a lot of stupid things and have a lot of bad ideas but they usually pan out in the end. Oh and just to annoy my corporate working environment I tend to get a new tattoo about once every 6 months. I am now confined to long sleeve and trousers (or dark tights) whilst in the office.

Enjoy my life!

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