Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You shouldn't swear on Linked In...

... well why the fuck not?

Actually swearing isn't my point, but it got your attention.

I have to question what Linked In has become.

Recently I saw an article about feminism trending in Professional Women. It was a well written article called "Is gender your agenda?". The comments though that was a whole world of pain. It was like delving deep in to the YouTube comments section. And if you have ever been there you will know it is not pretty.

One woman had called feminists "baby killers" and a rather interesting chap had called feminists a "hate group" and "a cancer on society".

Now you may have entirely different views on feminism than me. I will proudly say I am a feminist. I will also point out that does not make me a man hater. Feminism to me (and by it's true definition) is the advocacy of equality of the sexes, the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

But again that is not my point.

So what is my point? Well it is simply this. How can a so called professional network have fallen so far from grace that we see comments like this on a daily basis?

I will give another example. I saw an for Oreos today advert being discussed on here. The advert contained an image of a woman breastfeeding. The comments in this discussion were saying the advert was offensive and shouldn't be on Linked In.

Let me repeat that, people were commenting that a picture of a woman breastfeeding was offensive.

The same page had posted an advert by WWF showing a naked man swinging through some trees, the ad is about deforestation. Not a single complaint of it being offensive.

I think it is time for me to bow out of using Linked In as a professional network for personal use.
What are your views on the sort of content, and more importantly the comments you are seeing on Linked In recently?

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