Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Timehop may just be bad for your soul

I don't time shop, nor do I "on this day". 

The idea of looking back at where I was and what I was doing 7 years ago, or even last year, fills me with dread. 

I used to Timehop, to look at photos and think "look how skinny I was", "look at how my hair was then", "look at me and that friend I never even talk to any more".

I found the whole process was making me miserable. Too many what ifs and negative thoughts about how my life is now would enter my mind. 

I was looking back in the wrong way. I should have been thinking "wow I no longer do that awful; dead-end job", "thank god I didn't end up with him" or "jeez how financially insecure was I?"

I guess sometimes it is nice too look back and reminisce on the fun and laughs but why would you want to potentially face some sad memories daily?

If you are going to Timehop then do so with caution, and use it to think "things got better" not "I wish I was that skinny". But be careful you don't get trapped in the infinite Timehop loop as that post from 7 years ago that you shared on Facebook will show up again next year as 8 years ago and 1 year ago. You could end up breaking the whole space-time continuum and that could be as dangerous as crossing the streams. 


  1. Hey there, hope all is well! thanks for the comment on my blog, and the beautiful halo! Would be great to connect again. Look me up on Facebook (not many of me there) if you fancy.