Wednesday, January 9, 2013

my boyish ugly ass

You can say what you like about me. I am 30 tomorrow I have probably heard it before.

If you do not like the things I put on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Suicide Girls or Instagram (Dougalmct) then I suggest you do not follow / friend me.

If you are offended by me being naked or swearing or telling the truth about my life do not contact me. If you have nasty comments to make I suggest you fuck off. If you have constructive criticism or even nice things to say I am happy to listen.

The below messages were written by a former friend of mine and her mum after they had blocked and deleted me. I had no chance to defend myself. Or even call them cunts.

My rebuttle:
I will not stop tweeting naked pictures of myself. Don't look if you don't like them.
I may be boyish but that is fine - The girl who said this had the same size breasts as me till she bought new ones
Ugly - Well that is a subjective response.
You called "us" bitches - Yeah we are ha ha ha ha
Cat piss cannot infest something its a liquid. What a poorly thought out sentence.
My home is worth living it, where else would I live.
Sharing my body tits and everything - I would love to show you the pictures I have seen of this girl. It has been agreed that we cannot think of a person inSwindon that hasn't seen her boobs either pre or post op, or both.
Again if you are not interested don't look.
Classy Cunt - Well again the stories I could tell but I won't cos I am not that kind of person.
If you've got it flaunt it - Who decided what it is. It can be whatever you want it to be.

So that is my reply. Hope you enjoy it.

This is why I am so happy to have found Suicide Girls. This is a community of loving people who would never behave like that.


  1. Karma will sort them out.

    Rise above it.

  2. Kirsty...I know you and through thorough inspection (you may not have noticed) can definitively say not ugly, not boyish...just perftect! P.S. I will let you know who i am next time i see you and take my punishment. X

    1. Ooh intriguing. Who are you? X

    2. I am no longer in Dawsons Creek that's for sure.